My christmas present this year is a new camera. I’ve been lusting over a digital SLR for a while, but the choices and prices were a bit intimidating. But, I recently lost the point and shoot and wanted to replace it before we headed to London. As I was shopping for a replacement point and shoot, Steve pointed out this was the third time we were buying a point and shoot (the first one died) as a placeholder while we decided which SLR we wanted. 

Steve helped with some research and the Canon Rebel XS/XSi were highly recommended across the web. So, I bought the camera, 2 lenses (18-55 and 75-300) and stuff to go with it. I am so very pleased. It is amazing and awesome. 

Of course, the first set of photos were all of the cats. 

Momma Cat in her favorite spot

Amelia sitting on the couch

Amelia sitting on the couch

 Today I went out and took some photos of flowers in the neighborhood. One of them was transformed into the masthead. Other photos are on my flickr page

I had lots of fun playing with the different settings. 

Close up of a rose

Close up of a rose

Overexposed Rose photo

Overexposed Rose photo

I am so pleased with the camera. I can hardly wait for the vacation so I can take too many pictures of stuff.



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3 responses to “Camera

  1. thebenjamin

    Digital SLRs are great. I just have a simple Nikon D40, but I love it.

    Enjoy the camera!

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