Christmas music in my head

Starting tomorrow we’re going to be volunteering as crew for a local ballet company’s presentation of “The Nutcracker.” Steve handles sound and I am stage right. Seems I get to train someone this year, too. We helped out last year, and had a lot of fun and jumped at the chance to volunteer again. 

After last year and hearing the music for days on end, I became intimately aware of how much Christmas advertising music is actually from the Nutcracker. Sure, we all know Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, but that vaguely recognizable music playing on that generic large-box-store commercial? Yeah, that’s from Nutcracker, too.

It was mid-January until I got the music out of my head, though!

2 days after the final show, we head out for a whole week on vacation and then visit family for the holidays. It will be our first real vacation (ie, not visiting family or going to a conference) since before we started this grand experiment 7 years ago. I am so looking forward to it. Usually traveling freaks me out, but this time I just want to go and play and relax. Then we’ll have a few days with family and head home. 

Blogging will be light while we’re gone, although I’ll have the camera and internet access so I might post some stuff. Generally, it’s just going to be us, our whims and a central hotel over a pub in downtown for a whole week. No expectations, no “have to do” pressures. Just have fun, be together and relax.


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