And, here we go. A week before we’re scheduled to leave the country, one of the cats ends up at the emergency vet’s. He was straining to pee last night, and even tried peeing on the bed, and I called the vet this morning and the receptionist said Bring Him Now. 

We were there by 8:30, with a very unhappy grey cat. The techs came out, poked his tummy and then decided it wasn’t a blockage but he needed to see the vet anyway. We took him into the little room, got his weight and his temp and the vet came to check him. 

She didn’t find much wrong with him, but wanted to get a urine sample. Unfortunately, his bladder was not full. He got 250 ml of fluids and a diuretic and we waited for 20 – 30 minutes for his kidneys to fill up his bladder. Sure enough, the second time there was a nice, full bladder on the ultrasound and she got a syringe full of icky, orange colored fluid.


The good news is there is no blockage or crystals and no apparent infection. They’re sending the sample out for culture just to be sure. He’s on painkillers and relaxants to keep him peeing. He also goes back tomorrow for more fluids. 

My poor boy. He came out of the vet’s totally drenched in alcohol and looked like half a drowned rat. He also has a funny lump over his right leg where the fluid settled. He’s very unhappy he’s stuck inside, but he’s going to have to suck it up. 

He is a beautiful cat, though. The vets all said so!


Grover with his sock

Grover with his sock



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2 responses to “Cats

  1. Rachel Luxemburg

    oh noes! Poor Grover! Hope all is well soon.

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