Short timer syndrome

Usually I am a wreck about traveling. In this case, though, I want Leaving Day to get here! I am so ready to head off. 

Grover is doing better. He got fluids again yesterday and was much perkier this morning. He’s not amused by either the pain killers (they TASTE BAD) or the anti-inflammatory pills. We’re almost out of painkillers and he doesn’t seem to need them so this morning’s was the last dose. He still has to have his pills, and he’s stopped actually eating them in food so I had to pill him this morning. Poor cat. 

I was really worried about leaving him, but after a little more research it seems this is something that happens and it “typically resolves without treatment in 5 to 7 days.” It is unlikely to recur in the short term, but quite likely to recur over the long term. However, he should be fine while we’re gone. 

A lot of the lack of stress has been because of Steve. He has been awesome: planning the trip, making sure we have the info we need, booking hotels and making the various arrangements. And then we get a week, a whole week, just for us to do what we want when we want it. I really want to do the tourist thing. I want to see museums. I want to catch a show or two (Avenue Q is playing!). 

While looking around stuff to do, he did find a really cool castle to stay in, with a falconer where you could go out and play with the birds, but we decided that it was just the wrong time to do that. But, I did extract the promise I get to stay at a castle at some point in the future. 

More of my camera toys showed up today, including my gadget bag. I’m going to take the camera with me tonight and take some shots of the dancers and stuff. I didn’t want to be lugging the camera around before I had a bag, though. The show is going well. Most of the crew are the same people who did this last year and we’re all pretty clear on what we need to do. That makes it run well. 

I got my hair highlighted today. It kinda looks like a warm autumn forest. I love my hairdresser, and boy are those words that I never expected to cross my lips. She’s awesome and really does magic things with my hair.


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  1. Avenue Q is hilarious; you have to remind yourself that you’re watching muppets every few minutes 🙂

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