Red bean soup

Steve woke up this morning with a sore throat and a cough. I’m still recovering from the cold I picked up in London. All in all neither of us is really feeling very perky. Given his cold, I thought some soup for dinner would be good. Yeah, it’s record highs here and been warm enough we’ve had the back door open, but soup never goes amiss. Steve said that something with beans sounded better than something like chicken noodle or french onion. I poked around the web and found a recipe for Red Bean Soup

I have found, more and more, that one of the best source of recipes over on the Food Network site is Emeril. This annoys me as I find Emeril Live to be horribly tedious and over the top silly. But we’ve made a number of recipes from him, and most of them have turned out really, really tasty. 

This soup was one of the good ones. It was good enough it’s going on my list of cupboard food recipes. Some mirepoix veggies, canned broth, canned beans and some spices. All things we try to keep in stock. 

The recipe calls for pureed red beans, but didn’t specify homemade or canned. I used canned red kidney beans but to give the soup a little more texture I just pulsed them in the food processor instead of actually pureeing them. I wanted to make just half a recipe, but 1 can of beans was only about 1.5 cups, so I went ahead and used 3 cups of beans and 1.2 – 1.5 quarts of stock (1 carton, the rest homemade from the freezer). 

I made some plain rice and dropped a scoop into the bowl of soup upon serving. Tasty and filing.


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  1. Anne

    That does sound like a good recipe. I agree about Emeril’s show. His performance style on the show is not my cup of tea.

    Love the kitty photos. They look like a fun bunch.

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