Roast Chicken

Decided I didn’t much feel like cooking but wanted a real meal, so I decided to get a chicken to roast. Whole Foods is selling a locally grown, air chilled whole chicken. It’s quite yummy and something that doesn’t take a whole lot of messing with to make a tasty meal. 

The simplest way I roast chicken is to stuff some combination of garlic, onion, herbs and citrus in the cavity, salt and pepper the outside and just roast until done. If I’m feeling creative, I’ll make up some seasoned butter with thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper, and other stuff, then pack it under the skin of the breast and slather it on the legs.

Not sure what to do today, I have everything I need to do any or all of the above.

With the chicken I’ll be roasting some parsnips and maybe some brussels sprouts. I’m also thinking some dressing. Onions, celery, a little seasoning, softened in a little butter.  Mix with cubes of dried bread and cover with some chicken broth. Bake ’till done.  

We also have green beans, which are always good with a roast dinner. 

And don’t forget the gravy. I bought packaged gravy so I can be lazy if I want. But we have chicken stock (both my own homemade stuff and packaged stuff).

The real question is: do I want to make dessert? And if I do, what do I want to make? We have stuff for brownies and apple pie, and poached pears, and banana fritters. We have puff pastry squares and pie filling. So many choices, all of them yummy. 

Of course, the best part of a roast dinner is leftovers.


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