The weekend was way too short. We’re way too stressed. I did get some relaxing in (a long soak in the tub, cooking, taking some pictures of the cats) and ignored the long term projects on my work plate. 

Steve cooked Saturday – ginger braised chinese style pork ribs. We’re having leftovers today, over a rice bowl with stir fried snow peas and baby bok choy. 

I cooked Saturday – lamb stew with chickpeas and fresh milk rolls. I’ve been craving warm, buttery bread for days but just have not had time to make any. The rolls turned out well and almost ended the craving. The lamb stew was from our Big Book of Soups, a recipe book that has never given us a bad meal. 

Saturday we headed out and stopped by Calafia Cafe & Market a-Go-Go, a new place down the street. The food was good and it was definitely being added to our list of standard lunch places. 

I also uploaded some new shots of the cats, and took some ‘arty’ photos. They’ll get uploaded soon and I’ll link to them. Generally, though, it was a long, long day, not a good harbinger of the week.


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