And… deflate

It’s been a busy, stressful week. We went to a work conference that has been described by more than one participant as “the hardest drinking conference I’ve ever been to.” Given that the participants are made up of geeks and marketers, that’s a pretty high bar. Happily, I was more observant than I normally am and didn’t completely lose track of how much I’d had. The work bit of the conference was very good, and managed to grab the reins and help drive some major change that was well received. Better received than I hoped. 

All that means, though, that it’s been a stressful week. Last night was my first real night of sleep in a week and today I didn’t have to do anything. I’m starting to feel human again. 

Today we went down to the colo to pick up a server so Steve can play around with some new technology. Nothing very interesting about that, except that we passed by a furniture store with giant “going out of business” signs. We decided to stop by just to see what they might have. 

We’ve been looking for a bookshelf for all our cookbooks. Something skinny and low to go under the windows in the kitchen. They had almost the perfect shelf! While wandering around we also found 2 cabinets that will go perfect in the bedroom. They’re a style we’ve seen in a number of other places, but always with a price tag in the 4 figure range which neither of us could stomach. Here, though, they were about 1/10th the price we’d seen elsewhere. We bought all 3 pieces and they were delivered this afternoon. 

The cookbook shelf was installed and stacked with books. We even have space to buy new cookbooks! It looks good and we’re both quite pleased with it. We need to move some furniture in the bedroom before we can put the two cabinets up there, but we’ll get that done tomorrow. 

Overall, though, it’s been a day to deflate and re-center. It feels good to relax.


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  1. coyote

    it was really great to see you 🙂

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