Beef stock

The Beef Guy did a drop off this morning. When we got the email yesterday I was watching someone make French onion soup on foodTV and said “lets get beef bones and make beef stock and then a really good french onion soup!” I ordered 5 pounds of bones and 5 pounds of meaty bones. Plus a little pork. mmm… pork. 

It’s kinda funny stopping by and picking up the beef. Jim drops it off behind the Post Office, where the farmer’s market is held during the summer. A small crowd of people lurks around the parking lot waiting for the truck with the good stuff and then buy a stash out of the trunk. If you’re ever in Palo Alto on Saturday morning and wonder what’s going on with the people carrying bags of stuff around the post office parking lot, that’s it. 

Today is stock day. I’m actually using Gary Rhodes’ beef au jus recipe from New British Classics. The onions are roasting now. It’s not going to be ready for dinner tonight, but it will make the house smell good. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


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