Is your pan intentionally on fire?

I made an awesome dinner last night. Steak with green peppercorns, a creamy mushroom pan sauce, mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. 

The steak was easy, just crush some green peppercorns in the mortar, mix with a little kosher salt then sprinkle over the steak. Let sit for 10 – 15 minutes before cooking. 

Ready for cooking

Ready for cooking

Next step was to sear the steak in a hot pan. It was thin, so I cooked it for about 4 minutes a side. While the steak was resting in a hot oven, I made the pan sauce.

I sauteed the shallots and mushrooms in the hot pan in the steak juices for 5 or so minutes. The mushrooms were slightly colored and softened. The pan was deglazed with brandy and then flamed. It was at this point that Steve looked into the kitchen and asked me if the flames were intentional or if I had managed to set the kitchen on fire. “Yes,” seemed like the only rational answer.

Mis en place for sauce

Mis en place for sauce

After the flames died down, I added 2/3 cup of hot beef stock. I let the stock reduce by half, seasoned with salt and then thickened with about 3 tablespoons of cream. Usually I’d use butter, but we had heavy cream so why not.

I also put cream in the mashed potatoes, which made them quite decadent and yummy. The steak was sliced thin and served with some of the pan sauce, potatoes and steamed green beans. We opened a bottle of Korbel Cabernet Sauvignon and our steak dinner was complete. 


Dinner is served

Dinner is served


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  1. coyote

    You make me hungry.

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