The things we do for the cats

The kitty’s laser pointer broke. Steve’s currently attempting to fix it. Valeria is sitting at his feet looking sad. She can hear the click of the switch and is very confused that there is no little red mousie for her to chase. 

It’s all very sad. 

After deciding that the main laser pointer was dead and it wasn’t a battery issue, I did find the emergency backup laser pointer. But, Valeria has grown beyond the red dot, to red shapes, so I had to find the bits that would allow us to change the tip shape. After a bit of searching, I managed to find them. The emergency backup batteries, however, were not strong enough for the shape to be visible on the floor. Cue searching for the spare batteries. 

All of this activity was happening while the cat was sitting around looking dejected. Eventually, though, we found both the tips and the batteries and managed to deliver her a red arrow on the floor

Crisis averted. Cat happy.


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