Cauliflower is CAT POISON!

We were sitting on the floor having cheese, crackers and some other nibbles for dinner last night. Valeria was very interested and sniffing around the edges of the table. I offered her a small piece of the cauliflower I was eating. She took one sniff at it, JUMPED sideways, and ran off to hide in the front room.

Yes, cauliflower is cat poison.

She eventually came back so I offered her a little pate. That was not poison, and smelled very interesting. But, was not food so she didn’t actually eat it.

UPDATE 4/2011: Before you comment on this post, please read my update: Cauliflower and Cats



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4 responses to “Cauliflower is CAT POISON!

  1. I am having now a paralysed cat vet does not know the cause but the blood check showed he had low platelet count. I have tried all means to make him better especially to keep his digestion system. The vet recommended fibre contained food so I choose cauli flower. I mixed it with the wet cat food his appetite was increasing and defaecation run smoothly he has no sign to be poisoned…. I am fighting at my best to make him stand up n walk again as he is only 1.5 years old too young to die or get invalid the rest of his life.
    From Bali with True Love for the cats
    Ms Sarana

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