Yard work weekend

Our backyard is a very small space and doesn’t get a lot of sun. We like the shade bit, because it makes it a pleasant place to sit when it’s hot out, even late in the afternoon. However, that does mean we can’t keep grass there. We’ve been talking about what to do, but step one was really to clean and prune back the trees and existing bushes. So we spent the weekend attacking the jungle that our back yard has become. 1 large recycling bin, 2 55 gallon trash bags and a brush pile later the yard is looking tidier. There’s still a lot to be done, but it’s a start. 

Today is less outdoor work, although I am going to celebrate spring with some grilled chicken. I’ve also made macaroni salad (almost) just like mom made and some purple potato salad. Grilled asparagus will round out the meal. The macaroni salad will last us most of the week and I anticipate a number of very, very yummy (and easy!) lunches. 

Next weekend is a vacation. 2 1/2 days in Vegas. Vacation. And we’re not taking laptops. (OK, we’re taking the emergency laptop for major emergencies, but not either of the macs.) 

And, uh… I really should remember that just because I’m having a yummy dinner does not mean I should skip lunch. Low blood sugar + trying to cook a new recipe + sharp implements = not good. Strangely enough, my bad attitude *and* clumsiness went away after I had a ginger ale. oops.


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