Grilling season

Grilling season has arrived here in the Bay Area and I’ve been taking advantage of it. A couple weekends ago it was a spatchcock chicken, yesterday was a bone in pork chop and tonight was a bone in leg of lamb. I’ve been doing veggie kabobs, too, usually as a side dish with the meat. 

The pork was brined in a coffee and molasses brine from Bruce Aidell’s Complete Book of Pork and then rubbed with his BBQ rub. 2 minutes a side over very hot coals, and then on the cool side of the grill to an internal temp of 145. It was amazingly good, even though I didn’t completely follow the rub recipe as I was out of some of the ingredients. 

I couldn’t find a good recipe for a grilled bone in leg of lamb, most of the recipes were for butterflied boneless leg. The whole leg looked so good, I couldn’t bear to butterfly it. I eventually decided simple was better and decided to wing it. 

1 tablespoon half-dried rosemary leaves (I trimmed the rosemary bush a couple weeks ago and couldn’t bear to throw out the trimmings, so I’ve been drying it)

4 garlic cloves 

Mash both together in the mortar and pestle until the garlic is pulverized. Add 1.5 – 2 tablespoons of salt, and continue mashing until salt is dissolved. 

Add 1/4 cup of olive oil and mix. 

Smear mixture on leg of lamb and let sit for an hour or so. 

Sprinkle with 365 Mediterranean spice mix. 

Set up grill with hot side and “cool” side. Grill lamb for 2 minutes a side over high heat, then move over to the cool side of grill. Insert a probe thermometer, and grill to internal temp of 145. Let rest for 10 – 20 minutes then carve and serve. 

Serve with grilled veggies and rice. 

The lamb was amazing. I wasn’t sure it would cook evenly enough on the kettle grill, but it did. Most of this week’s food will be leftover lamb. Yum.


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