Just about lambed out

We’ve been eating the lamb leg since I grilled it last week. Mostly we’ve been having cold lamb wrapped in bread with stuff on it. 

I made some tzatziki and pickled some onions, and both make a lovely topping for the lamb. We also did one night with lamb and beans and fresh noodles. 

I am about done eating lamb for a while, although we have a few bits left. Overall, our 5 pound leg of lamb fed us for 7 meals (5 dinners, 2 lunches), making it very economical. What we didn’t get around to was making shepherds pie. We just didn’t quite have enough last night for a good pie. So, more wraps this time with some early season tomatoes and basil as well as the tzatziki and the pickled onions. 

Tonight, leftover steak with salad and maybe some pita bread. Probably eaten outside in the back yard. 

I still need to write about the awesome dinner we had in Vegas, but I’ve just not had a lot of writing energy lately. I was hoping this weekend to get a substantive post here and get some drafts done for the work blog for this week. Unfortunately this headache that I’ve had since Thursday will not go away. It’s better today and I expect it will be gone in the next day or two.


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