New cat photos

I haven’t had a huge amount of time to think lately, much less do anything fun. But, today the world seems to have slowed a bit. I finally got a chance to pull out my camera and play with Aperture and just take some photos. Happily the cats were content to come hang out in the backyard with us and be cute for the camera. 

The first cat out with us was Grover. I got some good head shots of him, and a couple of him just lounging in the sun.

My pretty, pretty boy

My pretty, pretty boy

Isn’t he an absolutely magnificent tomcat? 

Then Valeria got over her fear of humans in the backyard and came out to play on the fence. 


Being on the fence makes cats deaf

Being on the fence makes cats deaf

I could get no shots of her looking at me while she was on the fence, because when she’s up there she goes completely deaf. “I can’t hear you! LaLaLa! No human called for me!” It’s very funny to watch her, because her body language is so different from normal. She completely ignores us, and will look anywhere but at the humans. 

This whole time, Momma Cat was under her bush, but she did finally decide to come out and sun herself a bit. With the zoom lens, I took some good shots of her. 


Happy Cat

Happy Cat

She’s so much less freaked out by the SLR than the point and shoot. I can actually take pictures of her now. This makes me a lot happier. 

Unfortunately, I missed getting shots of Amelia when she came out. And I haven’t been able to get any of the little hummingbird that stops by to chirp at the cats and the humans in her yard. But, I think we’re going to be out here a while, the weather is pleasant, there is power, there is coffee and there is a peaceful calm settling over me.

Edited to Add: The hummingbird did show up and perched in the tree and I got a bunch of shots. 


Pretty bird

Pretty bird


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