A fair, a dog and a lot of goats

It’s summer here and that means that all the local towns are having their summer fairs. This weekend was in Mountain View and despite the 90+ degree temps we had a lot of fun. Steve bought me a new bracelet, earrings and 2 necklaces, all of which are unique and very pretty. They are also filling some holes in my wardrobe. I thought the fair itself was a little smaller than it has been previously, but it may just be a bit more spread out. I am very, very pleased with my new jewelry, though.

On the way home we stopped for some fruit and salad fixings for dinner. It’s just too hot to cook and we had a big lunch at the Irish pub in Mt. View. mmmm… Irish bacon. Driving back, we skipped the highway and drove down the side road next to the salt marsh. On the salt marsh we discovered a herd of brush clearing goats grazing. We dropped the food at home, I put on sensible shoes and grabbed the camera to head back out.

Goats on the salt marsh by the side of US101

Goats on the salt marsh by the side of US101

Not only were there goats, but there were sheep and a sheep dog, too.
Pretty dog

Pretty dog

Not a bad day out. I’m very glad to be home in the AC with something very cold to drink, though.


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