The cat is WHERE?!

Our cats are allowed outside during the day, but everyone comes in for bedtime. Sometimes when the weather is nice it can be quite late before Grover decides he’s ready for bed. Last night, though, we had a bit of an adventure with the doofus cat.

He’d been on the front window sill early in the evening, just hanging out and communing with nature and the inside cats. But when I went to go see if he was ready to come in, he had disappeared. Fine, he’s gone off to do his last patrol before bed and he’ll show up at a door looking to come in. All normal stuff.

A few minutes later, Steve goes out to see if Grover’s anywhere visible. He comes back in, “The cat is on the neighbor’s roof.”

“The roof?”

“The Roof.”

I sigh and go outside. Sure enough, the cat has managed to get on the neighbor’s roof. I call to him and he meows at me that he is stuck.

Now, we’ve seen him on the neighbor’s roof before. He can get up there from the fence and occasionally he jumps up there just to prove he can. However, it’s a bit of a tricky leap down and he is clearly not sure he can do this in the dark. Steve runs in to get a flashlight and I talk to Grover who is now on the corner of the roof eyeing the jump down to the hood of the SUV in the driveway.

Steve returns with the flashlight and illuminates the fence. This isn’t quite enough for the cat, who is still meowing piteously on the roof.

I run back inside and turn on the upstairs lights. This appears to give the cat enough light and I hear him land on the fence.

Good. The cat is safe and we didn’t have to freak the neighbor’s out by climbing onto their roof.

We both call to the cat and tell him it’s time to come in. He scratches and settles onto the fence, clearly not interested in coming inside just yet. He was, however, picked up and carried in because both of the humans were done with outside cat antics for the evening.

He wasn’t that amused to have to come in, but sat in the treat spot explaining that he had come in (even if it wasn’t under his own power) and it was time for his treat. Spoiled brat. And, yes, he did get treats.

Doofus cat.


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