Back to work

It’s been a whirlwind trip here in Amsterdam this week. We’ve walked miles in the city, found some really awesome bars and places to eat, had a brief detour to Yorkshire for the wedding, and now are back to work at the conference.

I’ve been having an absolute blast with my camera. It’s like the best toy and I am so pleased Steve encouraged me to get it. I’ll be uploading photos when I’m not on dodgy conference wireless.

It’s been an awesome trip. Amsterdam is a lovely city. We haven’t done a lot of formal touristy stuff – growing up in a major tourist hub leaves one a bit leery of the tourist tours and stuff. They’re always a bit superficial and fake and don’t give you a feel for the city. Instead we’ve been choosing places to eat by a) the number of people there and b) the age of the tables.

We did do a candlelight canal tour last night, including a walking tour through the red light district. The walking tour was a bit overly touristy, but the canal trip was a lot of fun. Wine, cheese, nuts, a lovely husband… what could be better?

I really don’t want to work but, hey you do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to not blow off the conference and just go sit at a bar and drink beer all day.


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