Home again

We’re back from Amsterdam and have spent the last day or so catching up and recovering from jet lag. Overall, it was a pretty easy trip. The planes were on time and the flights were very low turbulence. I’m still feeling a bit brain dead, but I expect one more good night’s sleep in my own bed and I’ll be ready to face the world.

I spent this afternoon uploading photos of the trip to Amsterdam and the trip to Yorkshire to my flickr account. I am quite pleased with how some of them turned out.

The cats generally seem to have done OK. Grover was extremely clingy and yowly the day we got home, but seems to have settled a bit now. Momma cat was hiding in the closet when we came in (cowering, really 😦 ) but 20 minutes later was curled up in Steve’s lap and washing. Valeria has been quietly clingy but OK. Amelia really doesn’t like change and is a bit standoffish still. She’s come for petting and attention but still seems a bit off.

Overall, it was a great trip. The conference was good, the vacation was wonderful (except for the cold I got on the plane on the way over) and I’m really glad we managed the hop to Yorkshire for the wedding. I’m also very, very glad to be home.


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