June finally over

June is over and it didn’t come a moment too soon. 3 trips, one of them nested in another, is an awful lot of traveling. Almost half the month we spent in hotel rooms or on airplanes. I’m done with airplanes and traveling.

That being said, the MN trip was pretty awesome. Al and Kate are utterly adorable as a couple and we had a good time at the reception. MN was a lot of fun, and we wandered through the Pride festival both days since it was right near our hotel and something to do. Also near the hotel was “Brit’s Pub” which had well kept beer and yummy food. We ate there way too much during the trip, but enjoyed every meal.

Sunday Night at Brit’s Pub was even better, they had the complete works of William Shakespeare, in 94 minutes. All 37 plays done by 3 guys. Tig and Tanya came to dinner with us and we had a fun couple hours outside watching a very loose interpretation / adaptation of Shakespeare and laughing very hard.

I’ve uploaded some photos from the trip, mostly of the random animals I encountered at Pride. I have others, but I need to think a little harder before uploading those, and I am very brain fried.

I’m very glad to be home and be able to settle in. July isn’t looking too much calmer, though, there are all sorts of things to do around the house. But, at least I will be able to sleep in my own bed at night.


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