What’s for dinner?

One of the easy parts of working from home is that we don’t often have to plan too far ahead for meals. We can make a decision mid-morning about what we’re having and then cook when we shut down for the day. This morning we had the what’s for dinner conversation and were a bit stymied because we don’t have a huge amount of fresh veggies in the house.

While pondering the possibilities,and discussing if we were going to have to go out to the store and buy something green I got a phone call. “Hi, this is Farm Fresh to You. Your first box of organic vegetables has been delivered.” I check the front door, and sure enough there is a box of veggies sitting there waiting for me. Peppers, squash, fresh corn, purple basil, potatoes, an onion, carrots and some blueberries.

Well, that simplified the whole dinner question: grilled corn, squash and peppers with steak.

The steak is my mom’s recipe and one of my absolute favorite foods. When I was in first grade my class put together a cookbook of all the student’s favorite foods. This was mine.

Bonnie’s marinated flank steak.

1 flank steak. Cut partway through the steak across the grain to open up the meat.

1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup neutral (canola or sunflower) oil
3 – 5 garlic cloves, sliced
1 – 2 tsp paprika

Mix marinade ingredients together and marinade steak overnight in the fridge. One thing I do now is buy flank steak when it’s on sale (because $14.00 a pound for flank steak is just too much for me, no matter how much I like it), prep the steak and marinade and freeze it in a zip top bag. I then have marinated steak in the freezer, easy to hand.

Grill to desired doneness, I recommend medium – medium well for this given the cut.

Slice on the bias and serve.

Tonight I grilled some of the squash and peppers, marinated in a cider vinaigrette along with the corn. Dinner was delicious. We opened a nice bottle of wine (SuperTuscan from Bonny Doon Vineyard) and I am feeling relaxed and happy.


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