Predatory bushes

About a week ago Grover came bursting in from the back yard with a puffy tail and a wild look on his face. Our first thought was that the unwelcome feral was back and Grover had explained that he needed to get out of Grover’s yard. Then I checked him over and he was covered in burrs. I pulled off at least a dozen, and he had bits of fur sticking out like he’d already gotten some of them off. Later that night I noticed that on top of the burrs he also had a scratch on his chest that was open and bleeding.

I checked him over and didn’t find too much else wrong. It was such a small scratch, I couldn’t even find it in his thick fur.

Yesterday evening I noticed that his chest was swollen. Yup, the scratch abscessed. He’s such a good cat he let me trim the fur and get a look at it. Not much to see, just some swelling and a bit of tenderness. The original cut had healed so there wasn’t even a scab for me to yank to open it.

Happily our vet has late hours so I called to see if I could schedule an appointment. The soonest they could fit me in was Friday. Well, we’ll take it. If he starts really acting sick we’ll go in as an emergency. The night receptionist also recommended I call in the morning to see if there was an open slot.  Bright and early I called and scored an appointment. It was, in fact, so early that the cat hadn’t gotten up yet.

When he finally did come downstairs all the swelling was gone. A few pokes confirmed that the abscess had burst overnight and drained well. We took him in anyway, and the vet flushed the wound and gave us antibiotics.

Poor boy is clearly not feeling well at all. He’s been quite subdued and much more interested in sleeping than playing or going outside. However, the wound itself is clean and should heal fine now. His ego may take a little longer, but I don’t think any of the other cats know he was bested by a bush.


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