Jury duty

Just when I was starting to get on top of all the things I need to do, I got called for jury duty. And, unlike the last 4 times, I actually ended up empaneled. Lucky me.

Judge is saying 2 1/2 days for trial, and then deliberations. Hopefully we’ll be done by Thursday.

The worst bit was I ended up getting called at the last minute (on standby, call at 11:15, you may need to be at the courthouse in 2 hours). I called at 11 and they said “be at the courthouse by 12:45). What happened to 2 hours notice?

I did get some work done while we were waiting to be called. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the balls to lie: “The cops never make mistakes and if they arrest someone, that person is clearly guilty!!! Haven’t you ever watched COPS?” All the questions were about criminal cases, not civil, so my experience with lawyers and CAN SPAM wasn’t relevant. There was one question I was more than happy to answer, but they didn’t ask me that. “The law is often an ass and stupid, but there is a logic to it, and I’ve followed a lot of cases where I don’t like the rulings but they make sense in regards to what the law says.”

Other than the insane headache I had most of today, mostly due to missing lunch, I think, it was OK. Not looking forward to losing more days from work, but I don’t have a huge amount of choice in the matter.


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