Looking for a good cup of coffee

We drink quite a bit of coffee around here. Both of us were coffee drinkers before we met, and we’ve only encouraged each other since we’ve gotten together. Normally we limit ourselves to one pot of coffee a morning, but sometimes neither of us is moving very fast, and the coffee seemed to go very quickly. Those are what we call “2 pot mornings.”

Yesterday morning we decided it was a 2-pot morning. Steve got up to make the second pot and about 15 minutes later when he checked the pot, nothing had brewed. “Wow,” he said, “It really is a 2 pot morning, I forgot to turn the coffee pot on.” He turned the pot on and went back to coding. About 20 minutes later, he checked again. Still no coffee. Uh oh.

Our coffee brewer gave up the ghost sometime between pot 1 and pot 2. No more coffee for us.

We spent some time yesterday looking at replacement coffee makers. Our now-deceased maker was a Braun 10 cup with thermal carafe. We like the thermal carafe a lot and want something comparable. There are some online that have 200º brewing with a thermal carafe, including ones from Capresso and Technivorm. It seems indulgent to spend money on a coffee pot, but it is a part of our daily routine so maybe a little indulgence is good.

This morning after the farmer’s market we stopped by Sur La Table to see what they had for coffee makers. They do have the Capresso MT500, and it looked nice and all but we really couldn’t decide.

Steve did find the AeroPress and we decided that for $30 we’d try it. Wow. What an awesome cup of coffee. The process if easy, the equipment is easy to clean and the coffee is very smooth. It is probably a bit much dexterity pre-coffee, but we’ll definitely be using it often.

In the process of looking at the AeroPress website, I discovered that they are located in one of the nondescript little industrial buildings on San Antonio road, not 5 miles from here. Their website is aerobie.com and yes, the same people who make the aerobie flying disc also made our new coffee brewer.

We’re still on the hunt for a drop coffee maker, but I believe the AeroPress will quickly become one of our “can’t live without” bits of kitchen equipment.


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