Momma Cat to the vet

It’s 7 am, I’m up and dressed and a nervous wreck.  In an hour we’ll be at the vet’s office with Momma Cat. It’s a checkup and I am sure she’s healthy. However, this will be her first vet visit since we trapped her back in 2003.

We still refer to her as “our feral cat” but usually with the subtext of how far she has come. That being said, this vet trip may be tough for all of us.

I think a lot of it is I just don’t know how she’ll respond to the carrier, the car, and strangers handling her. Maybe she’ll be fine. Maybe she’ll have such a freakout we will have to have her sedated.

Right now she’s snoozing on Steve’s lap, happy and content. She was on mine before he got up. She is certainly not reacting to my anxiety levels, which I was also worried about. I know that she needs to go to the vet’s but we’ve really built a relationship with her based on letting her push her boundaries as she was able. Now, we’re pushing them quite far and I don’t know what will happen.

UPDATE: The vet’s office just called and the vet is out sick today. We’re rescheduled for next week. This is actually the 2nd reschedule we’ve had, the other was because of my jury service last week. Maybe she’s a magic cat that can mess with schedules.


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