July’s almost over?

It’s been an insanely busy summer. With all the traveling in June, and then trying to catch up in July as well as weekend excursions to local events, I’m sitting here wondering how did it get to be almost August? This weekend I’ve not accomplished anything, yet. Yesterday I didn’t get out of bed until 10, which is really late for me.

[…] Later […]

So we went to the local pub for lunch and ended up staying long enough to watch the US vs. Mexico football game. A good, well matched game in the first half, Mexico dominated the second half. All in all, though, a fun, relaxing afternoon. On the way home we stopped by Best Buy and picked up some blue ray disks and then hit nordstrom rack where I got a couple tops and pair of shorts for walking in.

Dinner tonight is scheduled to be teriyaki pork with stir fried rice. And then I’m going to curl up in my king size bed (now with king size pillows) and fall asleep. Hopefully tomorrow I will awaken ready to face the day.


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