Worst Kitty People EVER!!!

We took Momma Cat into the vet this morning for her appointment. It was traumatic for all involved. She was EXTREMELY angry about the whole thing. Steve and I were both bleeding before we got to the car. She struck at all of us when we even thought about taking her out of the carrier to weigh her.

The vet was understanding and we decided to anesthetized her for the exam. Once she was under things went really fast.

The good news is that she is healthy. Baseline bloodwork looks good, heart and lungs sound good, no odd lumps and bumps, she’s FLV negative, and she got a quick tooth scrape while she was still under. The vet isn’t concerned about her bald tummy and I got enough pokes and prods at it while she was out that I’m less concerned too. (No touching the kitty tummy while she’s awake, she makes it extremely clear this is BAD TOUCH! *smack*)

She’s also now up to date on her vaccines and we decided to go ahead and do the adjuvant vaccines as they have a longer effective period. They are a tiny bit riskier, but she was quite an uncooperative patient so we decided the protection was probably worth it. It’s very unlikely we’ll be able to get her to the vet’s office again soon.

When we left for lunch she was hiding in her closet upstairs. She did hiss at Steve when he looked at her, so clearly we’re still the Worst Kitty People EVER!!! I hope she’ll get over it soon.

It may take the humans a little longer. I feel so awful that we had to catch her, shove her in a carrier, shove her in a box, anesthetize her and so on. I feel like we built the trust of this feral cat over the last 5 years and betrayed all of it in 2 hours. And I’m the human with a couple minor scratches, poor Steve looks like he was attacked by a … well … angry cat.

The one redeeming feature is that when we got her home she ran upstairs. This is actually progress as it used to be when she was upset or angry she would go hide outside. Hiding upstairs in the closet means she does still want to be an inside cat.

Poor kitty.

Update: She came downstairs in the evening and is now curled up sleeping on Steve’s lap. We’re getting back to normal.


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