Weather so hot, it broke the thermometer

So hot, thermometer broke

So hot, thermometer broke

Checking up on the temp at SFGate today, I discovered that it was so hot here in Palo Alto, that the thermometer had completely given up and was registering nonsense.

Hot. Very hot. No cooking tonight.

Actually, I’m pondering making some fresh tagliatelle, but only because I’m bored. It’s just miserably hot, even in the house with the AC on. I’m so glad the AC chose a hot day 2 weeks ago to break and not today. That was unhappy making and a bit warm, but wasn’t miserable. Today? Today would really be miserable otherwise.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer. We’re planning on grilling tomorrow with fresh food from the farmer’s market. We bought a NY Strip steak from Mrs. Beef Guy, some torpedo onions for grilling and a bucket of nice salad stuff. I bet some fresh pasta would go well as a side dish. Maybe I’ll go find some recipes.


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