Fresh pasta and steak dinner

After nattering about it a bit, I did decide to make some fresh pasta yesterday. I used a recipe from Alton Brown. I looked at the Mario Batali one, that was just eggs and flour, but I decided against it. I’m sure it’s good but I don’t yet have the knack for pasta and the AB recipe has a little oil in it. Oil in dough seems to make it a bit more forgiving.

Happily, the dough worked quite well. I put a few pictures of the process up on my flickr page. My favorite is this somewhat arty photo showing the texture of the pasta.

Noodle piles drying

Noodle piles drying

Dinner last night was fresh veggies (salad without the lettuce) and 2 nests of fresh pasta dressed simply with garlic infused olive oil. Yummy.

Tonight I’m going to grill some NY Strip steak and torpedo onions. I’ll serve it with pasta (maybe with a light mushroom sauce?) and a random vegetable. If it was me I’d serve up the broccoli that came in the box, but Steve’s not a huge fan of broccoli, so I’m not sure that would be a good side.


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