Hi, Honey, you’re fired

Stupid telemarketers. Someone, at some point, gave Steve’s name and our tech support number to these work-at-home scammers. They’ve been calling the tech support line for 9 months now, sometimes up to 8 calls in an hour and 20 calls a day. It’s been annoying to say the least. There also appears to be no way to make them stop. Even the FTC doesn’t care, reports filed with their office indicate “no violation.”

One of them just called. Despite the fact that it’s evening and “going home time” it is the Bat Phone so it has to be answered. Steve had gone upstairs to grab something so I answered it.

“Good evening, Our Company, this is Laura. How may I help you?”

“Uh… um… I’m looking for Steve.”

“He’s stepped out of the office. Can I take a message?”

“Um. Uh. This is Visa and Mastercard Merchant services calling about a opportunity he signed up for.” With that, I know it’s the idiot scammers again. Steve has a lot of info about these guys that he’s been compiling, but, again, no one seems to really care what they’re doing.

“I’m sorry, he is not authorized to sign up for opportunities for the business.”

“It’s not for the business, it’s for something else.”

“This is his boss. He’s not allowed to use his business phone to sign up for non-business related things. If that’s true than he’s fired.” *click*.

Just as I hung up, Steve came down the stairs.

“Hi. I just fired you.”

“Oh, was that the Visa Mastercard scammers again?”

These scammers really really annoy me. Really annoy me. And I’m not even the one getting the harassing phone calls. Marketers have long proven they have no scruples and will sell, rent, lease or trade any information they can get their hands on. The inability to make them stop calling our tech support line, trying to scam us with fake merchant services is only one in a long line of examples.

Stupid marketers. Ruining my Oh So Very Yummy Looking chicken and mushroom pie. Actually, I don’t think they ruined it, but I do need to go put it into the oven.


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