I am not a shoe kinda woman. They’re just not my thing. In fact, I’d rather walk across hot coals barefoot than actually go shoe shopping. Most of the reason is because I have incredibly hard to fit feet. They’re wide across the ball (with two grandmothers with severe bunions I lost that roll of the genetic dice hard) and skinny across the heel. Shoes just do not fit me.

However, I’ve found 2 places here in the Bay Area that have helped me find shoes that fit, are comfortable and don’t result in blisters.

Robert Krohn shoes in the Town and Country shopping center on El Camino. Really good about fitting and brought out pairs and pairs of shoes to try and spent a lot of time working with me to find stuff that was comfortable. The first time I wore the sandals they fitted me for, I ended up walking for a couple hours at Maker Faire. No Blisters. Amazing.

The second is The Runner’s High in Menlo Park. I went in for a pair of walking shoes and Molly was incredibly helpful. She measured my feet 2 ways (while I was seated and while I was standing) and then brought out a number of shoes to try. She also recommended a couple different kinds of socks. I found a pair of shoes that fit and were comfortable. I went out this morning for a walk and did 4 miles with nary a blister. Even my existing blisters didn’t get worse. I also had no after-walk foot pain. I’m in love.


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