Chicken, chicken and more chicken

We bought a chicken from the farmers’ market this weekend. 6 and a bit pounds, organic and free range. I roasted it last night and I expect we’ll be eating chicken for the next lots of meals.

Sunday night: roast chicken breast, blue cheese polenta, wine braised leeks. Dessert was cooked apples and cinnamon over vanilla ice cream.

Monday lunch: roast chicken breast wrapped in tortillas with mayo and salt.

Monday dinner: roast chicken breast with dressing (made with leftover braised leeks from Sunday), gravy and roasted beets (roasted Sunday, peeled and warmed tonight).

Later in the week: chicken and cheese enchiladas. That should use at least 1/4 of what we have left. Probably more sandwiches (need bread). Maybe soup? Curry chicken tacos?

It’s really good chicken, though.


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