Experimental fall cooking

The weather has started to turn here in the Bay Area. We finally shut all the windows a few days ago and there is a definite nip in the air in the morning. It’s not the exactly the same as the falls of my childhood, but it’s close enough to bring out the same feelings. I want to make stews and soups and warm, filling food. I want to curl up with hot cider and a good book. I want to take stunning pictures of hills covered in bright colors. That last one doesn’t work so well around here.

We’re still eating the chicken I roasted last weekend, although I think we just have enough chicken for one more meal. Tonight I roasted tomatillos and peppers and made chicken enchiladas with fresh salsa verde. A good first pass, but I think I’m going to have to keep working on it for it to really be more than a good, solid meal. While the oven was on, I roasted some whole heads of garlic, some red peppers from this week’s vegetable box, some onions and some hot peppers from the farmer’s market.

I also roasted tomatoes. The idea was I would use those as the basis for a roasted salsa. But after I tasted them, I decided they would be much, much better in an Italian dish than a Mexican one. So I have a couple cups of fresh roasted tomato sauce in the fridge.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to catch up on some work, but will also be looking at making some infused vodkas (pepper, vanilla and cucumber). We bought a big bottle of Stolichnaya today to use as the base for some infusions.

We also have a quart of fresh yogurt and some red pepper chevre from the market as well. I’m pondering some indian later in the week. Or just fruit with honey and yogurt. Yum.



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2 responses to “Experimental fall cooking

  1. Fruit with honey and yogurt is one of my favorites…greek yogurt, though…

  2. Laura Atkins

    This yogurt is very similar in taste to some of the greek yogurts in the grocery store. The texture is really different than most commercial yogurts, less structure and a little runnier. It’s also so creamy but I think that was the whole milk 🙂

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