Comfort cooking

I’ve been marginally out of sorts for a few days and have tried to make it up by cooking some comfort meals.

We finally finished the chicken we roasted a couple weeks ago, so yesterday I made chicken stock. It makes the house smell so good. All that’s left to do is strain, defat and store it today.

Last night we made pizza with some of the roasted vegetables I made a few weeks ago. I used frozen whole wheat dough. The sauce was simply mashed up roasted tomatoes. Then I topped that with roasted onions, red peppers (both sweet and spicy), and roasted garlic. For a little protein, I added some chopped deli ham and seasoned the pizza with some capers, oregano and olive oil. Fresh mozzarella finished it off.

Once the pie was out of the oven we grated some aged cheese on it.

It was a tasty, healthy, easy dinner.

Today we’re making something Indian with chicken and the fresh yogurt we picked up from the farmer’s market. I’m probably going to make some naan and possibly raita. Pepper potatoes as a side and I think it’s dinner. Probably dinner a little light on the vegetables, but hey, we ate mostly vegetarian yesterday. It all balances.

Tomorrow I’m pondering some roasted corn (roasted this summer on the grill, stripped from the cob and frozen) and chicken soup. The broth just smells so good, we have to make something nice with it.


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