Home from Philly

I got home late last night from MAAWG. The weather in Philly was horrid and the airport packed with cranky people waiting for late flights. I’ll give United props, though, the staff was friendly, helpful and patient. They kept us up to date on what was going on with our flight (we were waiting for our assigned plane to make it through the landing delays). My last few flights on United were icky, but this one… I’d willingly fly United again.

I also like United because they let you listen to the air traffic communications. I am *sooo* much more relaxed about a flight when I can hear all is well in the cockpit. I also learned a new thing: mountain wave turbulence. There was a big patch of it around Lincoln, NE last night and there was a lot of ATC chatter about it. Our plane missed the moderate turbulence that other planes were experiencing but I swear I could feel the plane “surfing” on waves. Of course, it could always be my overactive imagination.

The conference was pretty good. My session went well and I’m more ready to tackle this project I’ve taken on. The other sessions I went to were interesting, and some a little scary.

Al, Mickey and I ducked out to Pat’s for cheesesteaks at lunch on Tuesday. I was quite impressed. The bread (yes, really, the bread) was chewy and soft and actually was one of the better parts of the sandwich. I had a regular cheesesteak wit and with cheese wiz. The meat was tasty and well seasoned, onions cooked perfectly and then a hefty dollop of wiz. Yum.

I’m very, very glad to be home, though. I slept like the dead last night, and woke up with a cat on my feet and another between my knees. I think they missed me. And, I was lucky enough to leave before the 1:30 am false fire alarm in the conference hotel. It’s very possible some drunken conference attendee pulled the fire alarm (either on purpose or by accident). I hope it wasn’t, though.


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