Thanksgiving plans

Things have been busy enough around here I feel like we haven’t been cooking that much. I did make some apple chutney with all of the apples we’re collecting from our farm share box. We cracked it a few nights ago to have with some chicken curry and it was absolutely wonderful. I have pics and will sit down and blog about that soon-ish.

Our Thanksgiving tradition is to cook something nice for ourselves. I hate traveling over the holiday and Steve doesn’t have the cultural background for Thanksgiving. So we hole up with each other and make ourselves a very nice dinner and spend some time together.

We’ve been poking at recipes today and I think we’ve decided on a menu. Most of the sides are based on the abundance of veggies we’ve had from the veggie box.

Starter of butternut squash soup.

Main course consisting of:

Roast pork loin stuffed with apples and cornbread. (From The Big Book o’ Pork).

Braised greens (we have broccoli rabe, baby collards and dinosaur kale)

Apple chutney (mmmm… apple chutney)

Roast sweet potatoes


Dessert: apple crumble? pie? stilton and port?

So I’m going to start today or tomorrow with cooking. I need to make a brown pork stock (yum, stock), and some cornbread. The butternut squash needs to be roasted and dessert needs to be decided.


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