Menu changes

We made some minor tweaks to the menu after checking the pork roasts. They didn’t look that great, but there were some very awesome looking bone in pork chops (think t-bone steaks). We decided to get 2 and stuff them with the same apple / cornbread / sage stuffing.

I think we’re going to bypass the soup and do that this weekend.

I made sausage today. We’ll use some for biscuits and gravy tomorrow morning and then use some for stuffing. The cornbread for the stuffing is almost out of the oven. Pork stock was finished on Monday and is currently a block of porky-jello in the fridge.

We have ham hocks for the making of greens and sweet potatoes for the roasting tomorrow.

I’m hoping this will be a relaxed day tomorrow.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone.


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One response to “Menu changes

  1. grundoon

    Somewhere out there is a turkey thanking its lucky stars, next to a bewildered pig saying “oh man, WTF?”

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