Cold and cold and did we mention cold?

I have, apparently, turned into a total California wuss. It was snowy and a bit chilly when we arrived, but nothing too bad. Temps hovering around the freezing mark. The last week, though, has been insanely cold. And windy. And did I mention cold? It’s actually painful to be outside for more than a few minutes.

That has limited the amount of stuff we’ve been able to do as it’s just too freaking cold to spend too much time outside. We did visit DC and hit a couple of the smithsonian’s, and have been venturing out for food. Friday we went to one of the Irish Pubs in Old Town, and went back today for brunch.

Yesterday we went to the National Harbor and grabbed lunch at Grace’s Mandarin. We sat at the bar, ate decadent sushi (including some nice toro), had a couple cocktails and their house dessert consisting of tempura bananas, vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and honey. Yum.

Steve had a manhattan and a dirty martini. I had a house drink called an “enlightenment”- chopin vodka, pomegranate mixer, cranberry juice and elderflower liqueur. Light, bright and just a little bit sweet. Very good. I think we’re going to be playing with this mix of ingredients once we get home.

The wind is painful, though, and we’re ducking from car to store and back again without much time outside. Tonight we’re cooking here – pork chops and brussels sprouts and probably twice baked potatoes.


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