Home again, home again.

We’re home now, back in the non-frigid realm of northern california. It’s nice to be home.

One challenge with traveling for the Christmas holiday is the transport of gifts back and forth. This year we mailed gifts to my parent’s house, but decided to lug everything back with us in luggage. We had to pack: 2 laptops, 2 laptop power cords, 2 iPhone charging cables, a globe, a fire-wire drive with multiple cables and an Arduino starter kit. We figured for sure this was going to (quite reasonably) trigger a bag search at the airport and packed the backpack so everything was easy to unpack and show the TSA folks.

My brother picked us up and we took him out to lunch, laughing about what was going to happen when heading through security.

As expected, our collection of packed gifts did trigger a bag search at the airport. I was waiting on the other side of the metal detector for bags to come through the X-ray. “Bag check at 14!” the staffer yells. I wasn’t surprised, until I realized that the bag with all the electronics was still on belt next to Steve. Wait, what? They’re searching the roller bag? Buh? We didn’t pack anything in there that looks suspicious.

The TSA rep was very nice, pulled the bag, opened it, swabbed the inside of the zipper and cleared us through when it came back clean. He did tap the plates (wrapped in tissue paper) and say “what’s this?” Oh, the glass serving dishes my brother gave us. It seems that fused glass plates look very strange on X-ray.

The bag with all the electronics? Sailed through X-ray with nary a second look. After a few boggled glances and suppressed giggles we headed off for the gate. I mean, you don’t want to actually say to the TSA rep, “Really? You don’t want to search this bag here? We packed it to be searchable and everything.” Nor do you want to act all weird after your bags have just been swabbed for residue.

But, really, all that planning to make it easy to go through security with the electronics and it was the other bag.


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  1. It makes you wonder if their job is to ‘look’ like they’re doing their job.

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