Oh, the veggies

The visit to my parents over the holiday was very, very heavy on the meat. As such, we’ve been eating very vegetable heavy meals here. In fact we’ve not cooked with meat since we’ve been back. A few nights ago I made penne with garlicky squash which was quite tasty. Last night we roasted a bunch of veggies (butternut squash, cauliflower, red onion, pasilla peppers) and then wrapped them in fresh corn tortillas with cheese and salsa.

The vegetables were cubed and then coated in oil along with a mix of vaguely taco-ish spices (commercial cajun seasoning, some cumin, some paprika, some herbs) then roasted at 325 for an 75 minutes. I then kicked the heat up to 350 for 15 minutes. It was really quite good, much more so than I expected.

Tonight is the first installment of one of our new year’s resolutions: date night. In honor of that, we’re grilling pork chops, and having them with fingerlings, and probably some sort of apple / cabbage dish. Then we’ll watch one of our netflix movies and generally spend non-work time together.

Go us.


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