Winter weather

We’re in the throes of a continuing series of storms here in the bay area. These are pretty big storms with lots of rain, lightning, thunder, and hail. One storm cell even triggered a tornado warning earlier today. The tornado warning was accompanied by the advice to hide in the basement. Well, yes, that is what you do in a tornado, but almost no homes here have basements. Happily the cell passed without a funnel cloud, so no one had to figure out what to do if a tornado actually hit the Santa Cruz mountains.

We’ve been trying to stay out of the rain, but I had to go out for an appointment today. On the way back I crossed the creek and it was Very Very high. The local flood monitoring site has a shot of the creek I went over. The levels have dropped 2 – 2.5 feet in the last few hours, which is good because rain is forecast for the next 6 days.

The weather has prompted us to make comfort food. A few days ago I did bean and ham soup with fresh milk rolls. The soup turned out OK, if a little under seasoned. I’ve had some problems cooking beans before, so left out all the seasoning until the very end in an effort to make sure the beans actually cooked. I’m going to keep trying, though.

Tonight is roasted cauliflower and leek gratin. Which sounds really yummy and comforting. I’ll probably use cheddar and make closer to a cauliflower cheese than the gratin, but I think it will be tasty that way.


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