Random cat thoughts

We stopped by petsmart in Mountain View today to pick up some kitty litter and visit the cats up for adoption. If anyone is local and is looking for a cat, there was a beautiful brown tabby boy in the back. He looks like a cross between our Grover cat and our friend’s Tommy cat. He needs a home. (His picture isn’t up on the Bay Area Cat Rescue site, or I’d link to him directly.)

The cats, particularly the feral ones, are getting so much better about strangers being in the house. Steve’s mum and step-dad have been here less than 24 hours, and the cats have all visited. Valeria has let Mike pet her, Momma Cat has been downstairs just randomly wandering and sniffing people. Amelia is in her bed behind the chair, but it’s one of her spots and she is down here with us. They amaze me with how far they’ve come dealing with humans.

It’s really great, though, that they’re feeling safe and secure enough that they’ll come meet other people.


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