Zoe the Cat

Zoe is not my cat, she is Neil Gaiman’s cat. Last week they took Zoe to the vet and discovered an aggressive malignancy that was blocking her esophagus. The vets could offer no hope, and they brought her home to keep her comfortable while everyone said goodbye. One of Zoe’s humans, for it appears she loved many, even flew in from far away to say goodbye.

Today, at some point, the vet will come and Zoe will receive the shot, surrounded by people she loves and the people who love her.

I’ve never met Zoe, heck I’ve never even met anyone who has met Zoe. But it is clear to me, in the way the humans talk about her that she is one of those very, very special animals. One of those who enter our lives and change us forever.

My heart and thoughts go out to everyone who was touched by Zoe. It’s never, ever easy to lose an animal, and it is particularly difficult in cases like this.

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(While writing this post, I discovered the vet has already come. Reading the final post pushed me into tears over a cat I never knew. )


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  1. Al

    Thanks for sharing that. On a note of random coincidence, somebody tried to friend me on Facebook today. Somebody I know from an industry mailing list. Somebody who called me a horrible person when I mentioned that we were considering putting our sick dog to sleep, which we ended up having to do. It was brutal, gut wrenching, and the fact that this guy had the mouth on him to give me a hard time about it, well, let’s just say, there’s no point in us friending each other, as we will never, ever be friends. That I can guarantee.

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