A new friend…

Momma cat has a new friend… Steve’s step-dad. A day or so ago she started letting him pet her and right now she’s all curled up on his lap reveling in the chin rubs he’s giving her.

It’s really been amazing to watch this cat flower from a scared feral that would run if someone looked at her through a window, through to an indoor cat that trusts us and now has adopted another human. A lot of credit has to go to Mike, who has been quietly making friends with all our cats. He is cat-people and they seem to know it.

All the kitties seem to have decided that company is not as scary as it was. It will take them more than a few hours to decide this, so they will still hide while we have dinner guests. But house guests here more than one day… well, it’s no fun hiding upstairs all the time and y’know, these strange people aren’t that scary actually.

I’m guessing if we have dinner guests over more often they will stop being ghost cats and start interacting more. This would be good.


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