Cheese and onion pie

I did quite a bit of cooking while Mum and Mike were here. At one point we were discussing meal plans and “cheese and onion pie” came up as a topic. Eyes lit up. Ears perked. Everyone was pleased at the idea. Steve found a recipe at Gourmet that looked good and reasonably easy.

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve actually made pastry and I was a little concerned about how it would turn out. Particularly when cooking for guests and all. However, not only did it taste yummy, it came out looking very professional.


Golden brown and delicious

The four of us ate the whole thing. And it was very tasty.

I am a good cook, but sometimes something comes out even better than I expect. This was great. The bottom crust wasn’t soggy at all, the top was flaky. The dough was also very easy to make, and I will probably keep this as a all purpose pastry crust.


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  1. jamesh

    That looks amazing; have clipped that recipe as am in need of a good pasty & pie recipe.

    It’s great when something you have a go at turns out great, makes me realise why I like cooking so much 🙂

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