I’m not a very good shopper. My body shape is non-conforming to what most clothing manufacturers believe a woman is shaped like. However, we’re going to a cocktail party tonight and I had nothing appropriate to wear. So yesterday I spent the afternoon trying on various cocktail dresses.

It wasn’t that bad, to be fair. There was a lot of nice stuff that didn’t fit, but a lot of stuff that was OK. I ended up with 2 dresses: a little black number I’ll be wearing tonight and a rust colored dress that fits perfectly and will be great for work events or evenings out.

Of course, after the dress shopping comes the shoe shopping. Shoe shopping is one of those things that I absolutely loathe and detest with a fiery passion. I have small feet that are very, very wide across the ball and narrow in the heel. This means I can rarely find shoes that fit.

But, we do have a Nordstrom’s here so I stopped by and asked for “any shoes in black in a 6 1/2 wide.” They brought out 5 (FIVE!) boxes of shoes. I tried them on and found two pairs that fit perfectly and were really cute on. (Pair 1, Pair 2).

Shoes that fit! Dresses that look awesome! I’m looking forward to the party this evening.


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