Arty cooking photos

Today I made the ragu bolognese, which is currently simmering and slated to be dinner later this week. Some photos are uploaded at my flickr site and I’ll do a write up in a few days.

I got a couple good shots, though. One of them is a very narrow depth of field looking at the veggie mis en place with some pretty thyme flowers.

Full shot used for header

New header

The other was noticing the oil droplets in the jug. I used the jug to measure the oil, then later to measure white wine. The oil droplets formed perfect circles floating on the water.

Oil circles on wine


Tonight we’re nibbling chips with salsa and guacamole, some veggies and dip and cheese and crackers. Good football food. Of course, we watched the puppy bowl (PUPPIES!!) rather than the Super Bowl, but hey close enough.

On the photo front, everything is very short depth of field because I don’t have good lighting in the kitchen. Closing the aperture, in order to get a more even depth of field, cuts the incoming light enough that the shutter speed slows so far I can’t hold steady enough. The solution is either a tripod or photo lights. Actually, I suspect the solution is both. OTOH, there’s the issue of keeping food off the camera and keeping up with food hygiene and not cross contaminating everything which makes me less inclined to pull out the tripod tripod while I’m trying to cook. I’m thinking some lights won’t be too intrusive and I won’t need to handle them much, so they won’t get too contaminated.


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