Savory spanish inspired rice

Today I took some time to work on a project I’ve had in the back of my head for months. There are other things I feel like I should be doing, but by the same token this is something I see a need for and want to do. And sometimes one just needs to do a fun project over a work project, right?

The upshot is that I really didn’t want to have to head out to the store to pick up ingredients for dinner, so had to get creative with what we had in the fridge. We’ve been on somewhat of a cali-mex kick recently, so I had leftover grilled red onions and jalapenos from the carne asada taquitos I made last night. There was about a third of a jar of enchilada sauce in the fridge. We had a pound of mexican sausage from the local supermercado in the freezer left over from the chili I made a few weekends ago.

I decided that a spanish style rice dish might be nice. I pulled the sausage out of the casing and slowly cooked it over medium heat. When the sausage was cooked and the fat rendered out I added about a quarter cup of finely chopped onion and a tablespoon of minced garlic. Then I minced the jalapeno and the grilled onions and added those to the pan.

I relied mostly on the sausage for flavor, but raided the spice cupboard for some extra flavor. I added sweet paprika, some cumin and a teeny bit of hot pepper.

When the onions had wilted and gone translucent, I added a cup of rice and sauteed it in the hot fat from the sausage. Then I dumped the enchilada sauce out into a measuring cup (about 1/3 of a cup) and added water to get two cups of liquid. I added the liquid to the skillet and brought everything up to a simmer.

When the liquid was boiling, I cut the heat back to low and covered the pan. 20 minutes later I checked it, fluffed the rice and turned off the heat.

The rice was very tasty on its own, but it was even better with a little refried beans.

Definitely making this one again.


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