Summer grilling is here

It was warm over the weekend, so I pulled out the grill. Friday was st. louis style spare ribs with a hong kong style rub from the Big Book O’Pork. They were awesome. The other bonus is I am no longer intimidated by ribs on the grill. I see a lot of grilled ribs in our future.

Saturday we move all the furniture out of the family room and I shampooed the carpet and washed the cat paw prints off the wall. There was one place under a window sill that was really dirty, but we found this magic paint-safe cleaner at Home Depot, which took them right off without hurting the paint. Awesome! Particularly given that the other option was to paint (uh. no.) But the total destruction of the downstairs meant that I wasn’t up for cooking, thus delivery pizza.

Sunday I grilled lamb and made naan. I actually grilled the naan out over the coals. It worked very well (no sticking, no falling through the grate) so I’ll be making more bread on the grill. I may even be trying pizza at some point in the future.

I’m so glad it’s summer and the weather is cooperating with grilling.


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